French for Kids

Our Classes

Learning a foreign language at a very young age can increases kids critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of mind, as evidenced by recent research. Kidslingo’s approach to teaching French for kids is built on this belief.

We deliver our French for kids classes through song, dance, games, story-telling and drama, all of which are designed to help develop your child’s skills and provide you and your child with a fun and rewarding activity to participate in together.

Our Language Programmes for kids include:

  • Our baby programme is a music and multi-sensory class with a flavour of French suitable for babies from birth to 18 months.
  • Once your little ones can start to talk, then our preschool and school programmes use songs, games, story telling and drama to bring the language to life and inspire these little learners.
  • Our Junior Programme, suitable for children between 7-11 years, is a fun focussed language experience encouraging structured and independent learning through games, role play and music.

We offer FREE taster sessions for every child and our French for kids lessons bring the language to life and inspire your children.

French classes currently run in Bedford, BournvilleCambridgeshire, Cardiff, Cheshire, Dudley, Elmbridge & HamptonErewashFylde Coast, Lancashire, Hall Green & Solihull (Birmingham), Hitchin, Harrow & Ruislip, Hull & East Yorkshire, Leicestershire,  LincolnshireLondon, Northfield & Longbridge (Birmingham), NottinghamPlymouth, PrestonScotland, StockportStourbridge, Surrey, Sutton Coldfield, Thurrock & Brentwood, Tunbridge Wells, Wakefield & Wombourne. To book your FREE taster session visit your area page and contact your area tutor directly.

Finally, if your little ones are more comfortable with ¡Hola! than Bonjour, take a look at our Spanish Classes section for Spanish lessons and classes in your area and more detail on our Spanishtastic programme.


The benefits of learning any language from a young age are endless. Younger children have fewer inhibitions and an innate ability to absorb and reproduce new sounds, a skill which is at its peak before age 3.

Learning a language is also a bridge to another culture and a doorway to a larger world. A second language provides new ways to look at the world and sets the foundation for new opportunities. Starting with a language such as French or Spanish, Romance languages, paves the way for learning other languages too.



Our Singalong in French CD, a collection of nursery songs sung in French, allows you to help your children grow in confidence and ability at home, or indeed help yourself to do so too!

It is a 12 track collection of traditional tunes such as Wheels on the Bus and some new variations such as Here We Go Round The Eiffel Tower. Please email if you would like to purchase a copy for £8 + P&P.