Kidslingo for your nursery

Why Kidslingo?

Kidslingo is dedicated to providing fun and engaging French and Spanish learning activities for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in nurseries. We use songs, dance, games, stories & drama accompanied with parachutes, coloured scarves, musical instruments, toys and so much more to bring the language to life and inspire your little learners via our Frenchtastic & Spanishtastic language programmes.

Looking for fun French or Spanish sessions for your setting?

Our carefully developed language programme feeds into the key areas of learning and development in the Statutory Framework for EYFS. In our experience of working in many nurseries across the UK, children who learn a second language in their early years with our programme  grow in self-confidence, assertiveness and creativity. We offer baby, toddler & preschool programmes. The baby programme, running from birth to 18 months, is a musical and multi-sensory approach to languages. Please get in contact today to book your FREE 30 minute taster

Gold level accreditation

We are the first & only kids’ language franchise to have achieved GOLD Accreditation from the Children’s Activities Association (CAA). It gives customers huge reassurance in terms of the quality of our programme and the way we conduct business.

“I was impressed with the holistic development opportunities within the sessions. The children were active, with kinaesthetic learning being a particularly strong feature. I was very impressed and didn’t realise language learning could be so much fun!”
Dr Amanda Gummer PhD, one of the UK’s leading experts in child development and Founder of Fundamentally Children, the CAA’s official independent accrediting organisation.

What do our customers say?

“The children at all of our 10 settings have French classes every week with Kidslingo & have done for the past 6 years. We are delighted to be working with a company that has achieved Gold accreditation from the CAA.”
R Appleby, owner Little Ripley nursery chain, Birmingham.

“Language skills in early development come naturally and easily, children are more capable of pronouncing unfamiliar sounds and absorbing new grammar.  This is why we feel that our children benefit from the Spanish sessions with Helen.  It also contributes to their social skills and boosts the confidence of some of the quieter children.”
L Rumble, Nursery Manager, Busy Little Bees Nursery, Solihull.

We had taken part in one-off sports and music sessions before but never anything to do with learning a language on a regular basis, so I wasn’t sure how the children would find it.

The sessions are really fun and the children love learning the songs and the new words each week. The staff have really taken an interest too and have made a display which gets added to each week and visited every day to help to consolidate the things they are learning in each class.

The way it is delivered combining words, props and actions means there is something to benefit everyone.

The children all cheer when they know Jane (the teacher) is coming in to see them and parents have commented that their children often come home singing a Spanish song or naming colours in both languages. We love our Spanish classes and I would recommend them to anyone.”
K Munden, Nursery Manager, Rainbows Nursery, Manchester.

Book your FREE taster.

Our focus is on fun and we encourage staff to join in with the classes. The children love the staff’s participation and the language learning can then continue throughout the week, as the staff are familiar with the songs and activities.

To support ongoing learning we’ve created Singalong in French & Singalong in Spanish CDs, based on the songs we sing in the classes and we make this available for nurseries to use during the week. Parents can also buy the CD.

We recommend one thirty minute class per week for groups of up to fourteen children. For more than fourteen children, we spilt them into even groups and run back to back, thirty minute sessions.

We offer a FREE thirty minute trial class, so you can see the language activities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in action, before you decide to commit.


Providing language classes at your nursery or pre-school, broadens your curriculum by providing a FUN and EDUCATIONAL activity, a service which is highly-valued by parents, as you can see from their testimonials, and Ofsted.  An Ofsted report for one nursery specifically mentioned the French classes that we provided, stating that..

“The older children enjoy their weekly French lessons. They confidently count from one to ten in French and know the names of ten colours as well as the names of animals.” Nov 2011

In our experience there are a growing number of parents who want their children to attend nursery on the day of our classes or who book them in for extra sessions specifically for the classes!

Finally, language classes are a great value added service to be able to showcase to prospective parents, to demonstrate your commitment to their child’s early years development.

The benefits of learning any language from a young age are endless. Younger children have fewer inhibitions and an innate ability to absorb and reproduce new sounds, a skill which is at its peak before age 3.

So, in their very earliest years children learn without even realising it and learning another language, like French or Spanish, actually helps boost their language development in their native tongue as well.

Where possible we also encourage parents to join in the fun with their kids, through parent and child sessions at the nursery, or via the vocabulary sheets that we provide to the nursery and they send home with the kids.

Our Singalong CD allows parents to help their children grow in confidence and ability at home, or indeed help themselves to do so!

“It is a fantastic opportunity which helps build confidence and gives an early interest in languages and the world around them.”

Mum of Joe age 4

“I’m really pleased how well my child is learning a language at nursery. She does all of her numbers at home & tells us what thing are.”

Mum of Natalie age 3

“I am amazed when Gracie comes out with French words at home, it’s very exciting ! And shows how much they can learn at such an early age.

Mum of Gracie age 2

“Lucas really enjoys French classes. We were thrilled when he counted to ten in French without prompting.”

Mum of Lucas age 3