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Kidslingo is dedicated to providing fun and engaging French and Spanish classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in nurseries and other early years settings such as childminders. We work with hundreds of settings across the UK on a weekly basis and are inspiring thousands of little ones to love languages.

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Our award-winning, CAA gold-accredited programme is designed to support the Statutory EYFS framework and feeds into the key areas of learning and development. We are officially Makaton friendly and promote inclusivity. Our gold accreditation gives customers huge reassurance in terms of the quality of our programme and the way we conduct business. We were the first kids’ language franchise to have achieved gold accreditation from the Children’s Activities Association (CAA).

Why learn a language at a young age?
The benefits to early language learning are significant and under age 3 is scientifically proven to be the best age to learn as the innate ability to absorb and reproduce the sounds is sharpest before this age. Additional benefits are:

  • Increased cognitive development, improved attention span & memory skills
  • Languages are now compulsory in primary school (England & Scotland) so learning in early years is another element of children being ‘school ready’
  • Growth in self-confidence, assertiveness and creativity
  • It promotes a broader world view and an understanding of other cultures
  • Learning an additional language can boost development in the native tongue
  • It is a very inclusive activity that is a leveller for all children as they can learn this new skill jointly

We use songs, movement, games, Makaton, stories & let’s pretend activities accompanied with parachutes, coloured scarves, musical instruments, toys and so much more to bring the language to life and inspire your little learners via our Frenchtastic & Spanishtastic language programmes.

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Our focus is on fun and we encourage staff to join in with the classes. The children love the staff’s participation and the language learning can then continue throughout the week, as the staff are familiar with the songs and activities.

To support ongoing learning we’ve created Singalong in French & Singalong in Spanish CDs, based on the songs we sing in the classes and we make this available for nurseries to use during the week. Parents can also buy the CD. Vocab sheets, certificates and worksheets are all available.

We recommend one thirty minute class per week for groups of up to fifteen children. For more than fifteen children, we spilt them into even groups and run back to back, thirty minute sessions.

We offer a FREE thirty minute trial class, so you can see the language activities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in action, before you decide to commit.

What Our Customers Say
  • “I was impressed with the holistic development opportunities within the sessions. The children were active, with kinaesthetic learning being a particularly strong feature. I was very impressed and didn’t realise language learning could be so much fun!”

    Dr Amanda Gummer PhD, Fundamentally Children & CAA

  • “We know it's their absolute favourite part of their week. Learning other languages has a massive cognitive benefit to toddlers. We are thrilled to offer the children these amazing opportunities and watch how much fun they have.”

    Nursery manager, Glasgow

  • “The children at all of our 14 settings have French classes every week with Kidslingo & have done for the past 7 years. We are delighted to be working with a company that has achieved Gold accreditation from the CAA.”

    Nursery chain owner, Birmingham

  • “Language skills in early development come naturally and easily, children are more capable of pronouncing unfamiliar sounds and absorbing new grammar. This is why we feel that our children benefit from the Spanish sessions. It also contributes to their social skills and boosts the confidence of some of the quieter children.”

    Nursery manager, Solihull

  • “The sessions are really fun and the children love learning the songs and the new words each week. The way it is delivered combining words, props and Makaton actions means there is something to benefit everyone.

    Nursery manager Manchester

  • “The children all cheer when they know the teacher is coming in to see them and parents have commented that their children often come home singing a song or naming colours in both languages. We love our classes and I would recommend them to anyone.”

    Nursery manager, London

  • “Becky teaches our younger and older children French through singing nursery rhymes, using toys and different objects that keep the children interested throughout their lesson. All of our children sing and dance to the nursery rhymes and smile throughout.”

    Nursery manager, Plymouth

  • Dr Amanda Gummer PhD, Fundamentally Children & CAA
  • Nursery manager, Glasgow
  • Nursery chain owner, Birmingham
  • Nursery manager, Solihull
  • Nursery manager Manchester
  • Nursery manager, London
  • Nursery manager, Plymouth

The benefits of language learning in Early Years

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