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Fun French & Spanish
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Search for French and Spanish Classes across the UK

Kidslingo – fun language classes for kids

Kidslingo’s aim is to inspire young children, from birth to 12 years, to love languages from the very start of their language learning journeys.

Working with schools (curriculum classes and clubs) and nurseries, in community venues, private homes and online, Kidslingo is a passionate believer in exposing children to languages from a young age.

The multi-award-winning, CAA gold accredited language programme uses a fun and interactive methodology of songs, actions, rhymes, game play, storytelling and drama, all delivered by expert linguists.

Each week we are privileged to witness thousands of little ones enthusiastically embrace Spanish and French and develop amazing linguistic skills.

Fun Language Classes For Kids
What Our Customers Say
  • "It is a fantastic opportunity which helps build confidence and gives an early interest in languages and the world around them."

    Parent of Joe age 5

  • "I’m really pleased how well my child is learning a language at nursery. She does all of her numbers at home & tells us what they are."

    Parent of Natalie age 3

  • "My daughter attends a lunchtime club at school and adores it. She is desperate to go on holiday to Spain so she can order an ice cream in Spanish."

    Parent of Alison age 10

  • "I am amazed when Gracie comes out with French words at home, it’s very exciting ! And shows how much they can learn at such an early age."

    Parent of Gracie age 2

  • "Language skills in early development comes naturally and easily, children are more capable of pronouncing unfamiliar sounds and absorb new grammar. For this reason this is why we feel that our children benefit from the Spanish sessions with Helen. It also contributes to them socially and boosts the confidence of some of the more quieter children."

    Lucinda Rumble, Nursery Manager

  • “The programme is such an intuitive and interactive way for the children to learn another language. Our pupils are learning so quickly!”

    Head teacher, Wakefield

  • Parent of Joe age 5
  • Parent of Natalie age 3
  • Parent of Alison age 10
  • Parent of Gracie age 2
  • Lucinda Rumble, Nursery Manager
  • Head teacher, Wakefield
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At Kidslingo we are Spanish and French specialists, teaching and inspiring young children, from birth to 12 years, to love languages from the very start of their language learning journeys. We offer single and dual language packages and flexible payment options.

French Classes


Learning a foreign language at a very young age can increases children's critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of mind, as evidenced by recent research. Kidslingo’s French language programme allows children to learn in a natural, fun, intuitive and interactive manner.

Spanish Classes


Learning a foreign language is an important part of every child’s future education. Kidslingo Spanish classes are fun and rewarding for your little ones and set them on the path for a bright future of language learning.


Get ready for a thrilling language-filled adventure as you hit the road with your little globetrotters! In this exciting blog post, we're diving into the world of travel, exploration, and the power of language learning. Get ready to witness your kids' language skills shine as they put them into action during your travels. From ordering ice cream in a foreign language to making new friends from around the world, we'll show you how traveling with kids can turn into an epic language-learning journey. So, fasten your seatbelts, pack your sense of adventure, and let the language adventures begin!