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World Book Day recommendations by Suzi Bewell

As I am writing this blog, I am excited once again that it is World Book Day on Thursday 5 March 2020. A chance not only to get dressed up (one of my top 3 past times!) but also to share my love of target language books with my learners. Something I do most days anyway with my classes, but with a more targeted approach on this special day.

Currently I teach from nursery class through to y6 across 2 schools in Yorkshire and the books I will share below are suitable for all ages and abilities. The follow on activities are the only things that really change in order to further exploit the themes. The first book I want to recommend, which I bought last year in France is “Le livre du livre du livre” by Simon Bailly and Julien Baer. This is a very repetitive and colourful rhyming story of a boy called Thomas who is 6 and is on holiday with his parents, who are asleep, and so bored, Thomas drifts off on his own adventures. These include the beach, a ski resort and even a trip to outer space! I like this book for several reasons. The repetitive nature encourages children to join in with the French and the rhymes encourage phonic awareness and retrieval. The images are colourful and fun and the fact that the book contains little mini books raises a sense of intrigue amongst the children! Highly recommended by Madame Bewell and her learners. For more info on this book, visit: The second book I would like to alert you to is “J’aime les livres” by Anthony Browne. The main character of this beautiful short story is an adorable monkey who goes through all the different kinds of books that it likes. Even though some of the words may be unknown, it is obvious what types of books he likes thanks to the clear illustrations, which are presented alongside the text. My learners like to then share with me what their favourite books are and this year we are planning to create a picture collage linking the different types of stories to our own favourite French books so far this year. For more ideas on how to exploit this book, visit: The final book I would like to recommend and share is “Tu lis où?” by Géraldine Collet and Magali Le Huche. This is a superb, creative story about where children most like to read. The places mentioned in the book all rhyme with their names; “Lucie lit dans son lit, Marius préfère le bus!”, and there is a great twist at the end! I love sharing this book with my learners - it has worked with children of all ages and is visually very appealing and most of all I get to find out all the weird and wonderful places they love to read! For more info on how to exploit this book, visit: Happy World Book Day on Thursday 5 March – do let us know which books you and your classes have enjoyed this year @suzibewell and @KidslingoUK on Twitter.

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World Book Day recommendations by Suzi Bewell

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