Kidslingo – teaching Spanish and French


Anna Neville, founder and CEO of Kidslingo, which delivers the Frenchtastic and Spanishtastic language programmes, is still actively involved in the day to day running of the business. Since launch it has gone from strength to strength and now has a wonderful and dynamic team of franchisees and tutors across the UK.

Kidslingo is a passionate believer in exposing children to languages from a young age, with research linking many benefits to the early uptake of a foreign language, not least a greater linguistic ability later in life.

Our philosophy focuses on teaching Spanish and French to toddlers and young kids through engaging song, games and story telling and there really never is a dull moment when we’re teaching our little leaners.

We have been privileged to witness many toddlers and young children enthusiastically embrace Spanish and French over the years and develop amazing linguistic skills for their age.

If you are interested in teaching Spanish or French as part of our growing team, then visit our language Franchise Enquiries section or email us at for more information.

If looking for a rewarding activity to do together with your child, then visit our Find a Class page to find French classes or Spanish classes  that are on in your area for both preschool and after school

If looking for support in teaching Spanish or French in your educational establishment then visit our Schools or Nurseries section to see how we could support the development of your pupils’ linguistic abilities.