Kidslingo – Spanish and French skills for life

Kidslingo’s aim is to inspire young children, from birth to 12 years, to love languages from the very start of their language learning journeys.

Working with schools (curriculum classes and clubs) and nurseries, in community venues, private homes and online, Kidslingo is a passionate believer in exposing children to languages from a young age.

The multi-award-winning, CAA gold accredited language programme uses a fun and interactive methodology of songs, actions, rhymes, game play, storytelling and drama, all delivered by expert linguists.

Each week we are privileged to witness thousands of little ones enthusiastically embracing Spanish and French and developing amazing linguistic skills.

Learning a new language provides young children with a range of cognitive, social, and emotional benefits that contribute to their overall mental health and well-being. Benefits include:

  • improvements to cognitive development such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and attention to detail – skills which have a positive impact on children’s academic performance.
  • enhancement of self-esteem and confidence, gives children a sense of accomplishment and boosts their self-esteem and confidence. This helps children to feel more positive about themselves and their abilities.
  • increase in social interaction and communication, helps children interact and communicate with a wider range of people, both in their own communities and beyond. This helps children feel more connected and engaged with others.
  • enhancement to cultural capital and a wider world view, giving them the best possible start to their early education and supporting their roles as effective global citizens.

If you are interested in teaching Spanish or French with the Kidslingo franchise, then please visit our Join the Team page for more information and request a brochure which will be emailed to you immediately.

To search for French classes and Spanish classes near you or online classes, then please visit the French classes or Spanish classes pages.

If you are a school looking for Spanish or French curriculum teaching, PPA cover, breakfast clubs, lunchtime club and afterschool clubs, then please visit our Schools page to see how we can support the development of your pupils’ linguistic abilities.

For nurseries, preschools and childminders looking for a fun, high quality enrichment activity, please visit our Nurseries and Preschools page.

Please see below for Kidslingo’s awards and accreditations.

WINNER – Business Leader of the Year (Anna Neville – CEO)

Club Hub 2023
Lifetime achievement (Anna Neville – CEO)
FINALIST – Franchise of the Year
FINALIST – Leader of the Year

WINNER – CEO of the year 2022 (Anna Neville)

What’s On 4 Kids Awards 2022
5 WINNER awards
including UK’s Most Loved Creative or Academic Activity

Best Franchise Awards 2022
– Continuous Improvement
FINALIST – Best Children’s Service

Club Hub 2022
Franchise of the Year

Best Business Women 2022
Best Business with Children
SILVER WINNER – Best Business

Wales CASA 2022
WINNER – Franchise of the Year

HSBC ELITE Franchise Top 100 Franchise 2022

What’s On 4 Kids Awards 2021
4 WINNER awards


Club Hub 2021
WINNER – Franchise of the Year
FINALIST – Franchisee of the Year

EWIF 2021
WINNER – Innovative Leadership
FINALIST – Inspirational Woman in Franchising
– Woman Franchisor of the Year

We are proud members of, and 5 star gold accredited by, the Children’s Activities Association, promoting high standards in children’s classes across UK. We were the first kids’ language franchise to achieve 5-star gold accreditation and continue to be an active member.

This accreditation means that we continually invest in our programme and our franchisees, ensuring that we constantly maintain a high standard in everything we do. For parents, schools and nurseries it means they know our compliance, training, customer service, programme and delivery have all been verified by an external, independent and expert body and they can trust our team to deliver high quality, child-centric classes.

What Our Customers Say
  • "It is a fantastic opportunity which helps build confidence and gives an early interest in languages and the world around them."

    Parent of Joe age 5

  • "I’m really pleased how well my child is learning a language at nursery. She does all of her numbers at home & tells us what they are."

    Parent of Natalie age 3

  • "My daughter attends a lunchtime club at school and adores it. She is desperate to go on holiday to Spain so she can order an ice cream in Spanish."

    Parent of Alison age 10

  • "I am amazed when Gracie comes out with French words at home, it’s very exciting ! And shows how much they can learn at such an early age."

    Parent of Gracie age 2

  • "Language skills in early development comes naturally and easily, children are more capable of pronouncing unfamiliar sounds and absorb new grammar. For this reason this is why we feel that our children benefit from the Spanish sessions with Helen. It also contributes to them socially and boosts the confidence of some of the more quieter children."

    Lucinda Rumble, Nursery Manager

  • “The programme is such an intuitive and interactive way for the children to learn another language. Our pupils are learning so quickly!”

    Head teacher, Wakefield

  • Parent of Joe age 5
  • Parent of Natalie age 3
  • Parent of Alison age 10
  • Parent of Gracie age 2
  • Lucinda Rumble, Nursery Manager
  • Head teacher, Wakefield