French Classes Sutton Coldfield

French Classes Sutton Coldfield

Everyone gets a FREE taster class so come along and join in the fun.

Monday 2-2.40pm – preschool class (age 18 months – 4 years)

Tuesday 3.45-4.15pm for 4-8 year olds at Moonstone After School Club, 24 High St, Birmingham B23 6RR.

If you are a childminder and would like a free trial in your own home then please contact me. You can always club together with other childminders to share the cost and the fun!

For your FREE taster session or for any queries regarding French Classes Sutton Coldfield, please us on

Class timetable

Pre-school Classes

18 mths -
5 yrs
Monday2:00 - 2:40
Private Venue
Station Road
Sutton Coldfield, B73 5LH

School Age Classes

4 yrs -
8 yrs
Tuesday3:45 - 4:15
Moonstone After School Club
24 High St
Birmingham, B23 6RR

The benefits of learning any language from a young age are endless. Younger children have fewer inhibitions and an innate ability to absorb and reproduce new sounds, a skill which is at its peak before age 3.

Learning a language is also a bridge to another culture and a doorway to a larger world. A second language provides new ways to look at the world and sets the foundation for new opportunities. Starting with a language such as French, a Romance language, paves the way for learning other languages too.