Spanish Classes Brighton & Hove

New Spanish classes for little ones in Brighton & Hove coming soon.

Come along and join in the fun, at the same time helping your children pick up a skill for life by learning Spanish through songs, games and stories.

My aim is to inspire young children to love languages. Many research studies show that learning a language at a very young age boosts cognitive development. The focus of the classes is all about learning languages through songs, actions, role play & stories.

There really never is a dull moment when I am teaching my little learners. I believe that this is the best way for children to absorb a new language.

I offer a FREE TASTER for all new starters, so why not come along to see what it’s all about?


Our pre-school classes, suitable for children aged 18 months to 4 years, are packed with games, songs, activities and drama to ensure that your child’s language is experience is fun.

The children will collect stamps each week to receive a certificate, and there are vocabulary sheets and fun worksheets to supplement the classes.

To book your FREE TASTER class, please contact me on 07507 437541 or email me at

The benefits of learning any language from a young age are endless. Younger children have fewer inhibitions and an innate ability to absorb and reproduce new sounds, a skill which is at its peak before age 3.

Learning a language is also a bridge to another culture and a doorway to a larger world. A second language provides new ways to look at the world and sets the foundation for new opportunities. Starting with a language such as Spanish or French, Romance languages, paves the way for learning other languages too.