Spanish Classes Lewes & East Grinstead

Fun Spanish classes for children in Lewes & East Grinstead.

  • Would you like to help your children to develop their language skills introducing a second language in Early Years?
Let me introduce myself first

My name is Ana Pena and I’m passionate about children. I’ve being working with children for more than ten years always trying to keep them happy at the same time as they were learning other activities.

I ran a successful School Club in Spain for thirteen years and I felt very satisfied with the achievement that me as a professional and the children got.

I was born in Spain and I love my country: language, traditions, food, people and thousand of places to explore and enjoy make Spanish culture, wonderful. For that reason,I would like to teach Spanish for fun and make children enjoy learning it.

To contact me phone 07519638276 or email

About lessons

  • Why learning language at young age is important?

Learning language increased cognitive development including improved attention span and memory skills.

It also promotes a broader world view and a positive attitude towards languages and cultures.

Our philosophy is to inspire children to love Spanish for life. Classes fully support Early Years Curriculum in England, Wales and Scotland.

Classes are focused on making learning fun and engaging and on immersing your child in the language through play.

-We are offering online lessons for children up to the age of 11 years old .

  • Reception and Key Stage 1 (4 – 7 years)
  • Key Stage 2 (7 – 11 years)

Classes include weekly digital packs with lots of activities and resources to use at home :

  • Live and interactive sessions via Zoom in our virtual online classroom; or
  • Pre-recorded sessions available over 7 days at a time to suit you

-Face to face lessons are running in groups in a venue class  or privately with our Kidslingo@home service

As well as our venue classes, classes are available for nurseries, primary schools, home educators and child minders

After school clubs in Primary Schools Kidslingo run several After School Clubs along England, Wales and Scotland.

Is your school not running language school clubs? Contact me and I would contact them to give them information about it


FREE TASTER for all new setting customers! To book or for more information, please contact Ana on 07519638276 or

LAUNCH OFFER  If you bring a friend with you, you will have a 10% discount when you book your term lessons or 3×2 lessons.

Get In Touch With Ana

07519 638276

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Class timetable

School Age Classes

7 yrs - 11 yrsThursday4:45 - 5:30
Lewes, BN7 2AF
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Trial Course


7 yrs - 11 yrs




4:45 - 5:30


Lewes, BN7 2AF

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Trial Course

Very dynamic Online lessons. Children will interact with others using  Zoom. Music, games, actions and more…

Worksheets and access to youtube channel is included.

Children who enrol for a full term have Free Access to the Kidslingo Games Site.


Online lessons

£8 group class -toddles/preschool 30 min & junior 45 min

£35 one to one online classes 30 min/45 min depending on age



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