Spanish Classes Greenwich & Canary Wharf

Spanish classes in Greenwich, Blackheath and Canary Wharf

¡Hola! We are delighted to launch Kidslingo in Greenwich, Blackheath and Canary Wharf.

Did you know that babies can be bilingual from birth? That even before they start to talk, babies are absorbing everything. The easiest way to raise your kids bilingually is to introduce languages to them as early as possible.

At kidslingo, we are building a growing language revolution. We are dedicated to teaching Spanish to young children in a fun and interactive way.

We use songs, dance, games and drama to bring the language to life and inspire our little learners. Learning a language in their earliest years helps children to grow in self-confidence and assertiveness and boosts their natural creativity.

Our teachers are all native speakers and are full trained to deliver the high standard of teaching.

We offer:

  1. Classes in nurseries
  2. Breakfast, lunch and after school clubs
  3. Weekend classes
  4. Weekday classes
  5. Class sessions as part of the curriculum

Please contact Shy on or call 0208 853 3293 or 07908 842763 for more information. Kids Spanish Classes Greenwich & Canary Wharf.


We are offering a FREE Spanish Class Taster on the 14th of October.

10:00 – 10:30 – 0-3 years

10:40 – 11:10 – 4 – 6 years

11:20 – 11:50 – 7-11 years

Places are limited: Register your place today:

We also run fun French classes – please contact us for more information.


The benefits of learning any language from a young age are endless. Younger children have fewer inhibitions and an innate ability to absorb and reproduce new sounds, a skill which is at its peak before age 3.

Learning a language is also a bridge to another culture and a doorway to a larger world. A second language provides new ways to look at the world and sets the foundation for new opportunities. Starting with a language such as Spanish or French, Romance languages, paves the way for learning other languages too.

Class timetable

Pre-school Classes

1 yr -
4 yrs
Saturday9:45 - 10:25
Millennium Minis
Teal Street
London , SE10 0ST

School Age Classes

5 yrs -
10 yrs
Saturday10:30 - 11:30
Millennium Minis
Teal Street
London , SE10 0ST