March 11, 2024

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Kidslingo Whats on 4 kids awards

Kidslingo crowned quadruple winner at the prestigious What’s On 4 Kids Awards 2023

Kidslingo emerged triumphant with four national awards, notably securing the highly sought-after title of "Most Loved Academic / Creative Activity in the UK.” Isabel Reverter Dominguez of Kidslingo Spanish Northants, Towcester & Olney, earned the title of "Most Loved Academic / Creative Activity Franchise Territory.” Meanwhile, Katie Mitchell of Kidslingo Stockport West was recognized as the "Most Loved Activity Leader or Business Manager - North of England,” and Anna Neville, the CEO of Kidslingo, was honoured with "The Steve Frank’s Shining Star for Excellence and Innovation.”

Language Adventures Unleashed: Travelling with Kids and Putting Their Language Skills into Action!

Get ready for a thrilling language-filled adventure as you hit the road with your little globetrotters! In this exciting blog post, we're diving into the world of travel, exploration, and the power of language learning. Get ready to witness your kids' language skills shine as they put them into action during your travels. From ordering ice cream in a foreign language to making new friends from around the world, we'll show you how traveling with kids can turn into an epic language-learning journey. So, fasten your seatbelts, pack your sense of adventure, and let the language adventures begin!

🌍⚽️Celebrating Global Unity: Language Adventures in the Women’s World Cup with Kidslingo! ⚽️🌍

Join Kidslingo on an exhilarating language-learning journey as we celebrate the Women's World Cup! Get ready to immerse your children in the excitement of football and language as we explore the diverse cultures and teams from around the world. From cheering on their favourite nations to expanding vocabulary, cultural exploration, and creating a spirited atmosphere, let's combine the thrill of the Women's World Cup with language learning for an unforgettable experience!

World Music Day

Kidslingo Rocks the Language Classroom: Harnessing the Power of Music for Kids’ Language Learning!

In celebration of World Music Day on June 21st, we're thrilled to share how Kidslingo rocks 🤘 the language education scene by harnessing the powerful benefits of music. With catchy tunes, rhythmic beats, and lively melodies, we transform our classes into linguistic concerts that have kids singing 🎤, dancing 💃, and learning like never before. So, grab your imaginary microphones, because it's time to hit the stage and unlock the full potential of music in our Kidslingo language-learning journey!

Kidslingo awards

Kidslingo’s Award-Winning Adventure: Celebrating Success with Superheroes and Lifetime Achievements!

Get ready for an extraordinary celebration because Kidslingo is shining brighter than ever! We're thrilled to announce that our language-learning endeavours have been recognised with three prestigious awards. These accolades not only highlight our commitment to exceptional language education but also showcase the incredible superheroes and lifetime achievements within the Kidslingo family.

You’re never too young to love languages

You’re never too young to love languages. Why start your child off with languages at a young age? The answer is simple – because it is absolutely the best time to do it. Babies and young children are at a distinct advantage as the brain’s plasticity is far greater, leading to an increased capability to learn languages.