French Classes Bedford

French Classes Bedford

We teach French to young children up to 11 years, in a fun and interactive way. We offer our classes at different venues around Bedford. Also available for home educated children, nurseries, preschools, schools (breakfast & lunchtime clubs and after school clubs) and childminders.

We offer a FREE Taster Session for everyone – NO COMMITMENTS!

If you are a home educator, nursery owner or childminder who wants to try a FREE Taster Session at your own premises please contact me.

¡Hola! My name is Ana and I’m a language enthusiast, particularly when it comes to teaching my own and there’s no better way of doing it than the fun way – through lots of singing, dancing and story telling!

Come along and learn a new language with us! We want to inspire our little learners to learn through songs, dance, games, story telling and drama and much more!
For parents raising a bilingual child – a chance for your little ones to practise their second language and improve their skills!

You can have fun and continue learning at home with our Sing Along CD, a collection of children’s songs in French. Please email me at if you would like to purchase a copy for £8.

FREE Taster Session for everyone – NO COMMITMENTS!

Contact me:

Mobile: 07928600314
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Facebook – @KidslingoAnaF

Twitter – @KidslingoAnaF

Can’t get to one of our classes? NO PROBLEM! – we can come to you with our Kidslingo@home service.
Enjoy fun Frenchtastic classes for little ones in the comfort of your own home. Just get a group together (minimum of four) and we’ll do the rest.

Our classes are packed with songs, games, dance, pretend play, story telling and drama – we just want to make sure your child’s learning language experience is fun and enjoyable!

Book in your FREE Taster Session now – NO COMMITMENTS! Please email me at or call 07928 600314.